Evolution of battery packs towards CTC

Battery packs powering current electric vehicles have rapidly evolved over time, transitioning from “Ctm” (Cell to Module) configurations to “Ctp” (Cell to Pack) and “Ctb” (Cell to Body). The next step is the “Ctc” (Cell to Chassis) configurations. While battery manufacturers work to create groups with increasingly higher performance, car manufacturers are also looking in the same direction, seeking to directly integrate batteries into the chassis of their vehicles. It should be noted that a battery pack normally consists of multiple cells integrated into a single module. By combining multiple…

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Dacia “Duster” m.y. 2024: third generation

dacia duster

Among the most successful SUVs, the Dacia “Dunster” has been produced in over two million and 200 thousand units in just 14 years, with 300 thousand sold in Italy alone. Therefore, it’s a global success, achieved through a design strategy aimed at achieving the best possible quality/price ratio without sacrificing content and technology, a goal reaffirmed by the third generation of the vehicle presented at the end of 2023. True to its image but modernized in design and developed on the basis of the “Cmf-B” platform also adopted by other…

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Interstellar “Cosmos”, innovation “Made in Japan”

Founded in 2005 by a diverse group of aerospace engineers, writers, and volunteers, Interstellar Technologies is a Japanese company established in 2019 and located on the island of Hokkaido. It was the first to launch a private carrier rocket capable of reaching space, a milestone achieved in 2021 and repeated twice thereafter. Now advancing further, the company focuses on developing new technologies to accelerate human activities in space, with a keen eye on environmental considerations. Among the most intriguing research areas is propulsion systems, with the “Cosmos” project standing out.…

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last issue | Macchine Motori 84

macchine motori

Technological innovation takes the spotlight in the latest issue of Macchine Motori, with an overview of the new developments showcased at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. The cover story features the new Audi model “Rs Q-Etron,” the first electric vehicle to triumph in the Dakar 2024. The vehicle stands out for its reliability, performance, and safety, boasting a powertrain with 389 horsepower. Continuing in the automotive world, the Chinese brand Xiaomi has unveiled its first electric car under the name “Su7.” With harmonious and sleek lines, it boasts an aerodynamic…

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Bmw, Continental, and DeepDrive united for electric vehicles.

The electric motor is built by the German startup DeepDrive, a dual radial flow rotor available in power ratings of 18, 150, and 180 kilowatts. The first operates at 54 volts targeting light urban vehicles, while the other two operate at a voltage of 420 volts, aiming to equip vehicles for a broader range. The main feature of both units is their discoid and cylindrical shapes, which prompted BMW and Continental to consider the possibility of forming a strategic partnership with DeepDrive to develop a combined unit designed to be…

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